Tips for US Newcomers to CERN


Hi. I tried to collect here some of things people I know or I learned the hard way the first few times we came to CERN, and others that were picked up less painfully. Hopefully it will spare you some of the troubles I faced. If it also saves you money, feel free to send me a commission. I would also be happy to hear from you if you wish to add to this list. There is a wealth of information available at , the CERN Welcome Center page. In addition, lots of useful information can be found on the ATLAS visitor page .

Arriving at Geneva Airport:

Geneva airport straddles France and Switzerland, and you can get out in either country by just following the signs. Unlike what used to be the case, you can now also go back to one from the other through the airport. There are differences in what is available on the two sides:



By Bus

By Car



Some How To's at CERN

Food Shopping


The Swiss socket photo is by Diego Casadei.

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